Hello college students!

The Hudson Valley Undergraduate Games Conference is looking for all different types of SHORT presentations and game demos, such as any of following:

  • Interesting game topics
  • Research studies and papers
  • Game design documentation
  • Games (digital and non-digital)
  • Works-in-progress
  • Prototypes
  • Game evaluations and reviews

The conference is interdisciplinary and covers all aspects of gaming, including game design, research, writing, art, programming, culture, history, ethics, business, and education. Students enrolled in undergraduate game programs, or any other major–business, science, liberal arts, art, psychology, computer science, writing–are encouraged to apply.

In particular, we are very excited by the following themes:

  • Games and learning
  • Live streaming, competitive gaming, and e-sports
  • Values and ethics in games
  • User-generated game content/modding
  • Free-to-play and game business models, including loot boxes
  • Nostalgia and games
  • Emotion, empathy and games
  • Diversity, inclusion and gaming

However, we are open to all different types of games and research.

To apply, all you need to do is submit a very SHORT paragraph about your work (250 words) and a little bit of information about yourself. If your game prototype/demo is online, feel free to include a link. Or, you can include a link to an online trailer/demo video.

Submit your brief proposal here.

For more information, email


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